About Us

Our Team

Rev Dr Lynne Frith (Parish Superintendent, Pitt St and Kingsland Presbyter) Rev Dr Lynne Frith



Rev Joeli Ducivaki (Talatala Pitt Street Fijian Congregation) Joeli Ducivaki -500



Rev Tevita Taufalele (Epsom and Mt Eden Congregations Presbyter) Tevita Taufalele -500



Balchand Karan (Fiji Indian Fellowship Lay Minister)

Susau Strickland (Rotuman Congregation Lay Minister)

Selwyn Thomas (Calvary Tamil Congregation Steward)

Maikeli Danilau (Vakatawa Fijian Congregation)

Parish Stewards

Ronnie Matafeo

Edwin Paul

Ana Wightman

Administration Staff

Office Administrator: Roberta Hammond

Property Services Manager: Tim Harvey

Finance Manager: Julie Adamson

Financial Assistant: Kushma Narayan

Pitt St Trust Secretary: David Davies

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