Mt Eden Epsom Youth Events

Monday, 19 November 2018

Mt Eden and Epsom Youth Combined Service and Music Festival

Mt Eden and Epsom Youth lead the annual cancer awareness service on 26 August and held a music festival on 1 September.

Cancer Awareness Sunday

26th August 2018

Combine Youth Service: Mt Eden and Epsom Youth

The annual cancer awareness service this year was lead in a combined effort by the youth of both Mt Eden and Epsom Methodist church. Cancer awareness is held very close to our hearts; we all know family or friends that have been either directly or indirectly affected. As always, we brought forth our musical talents for a service of praise and worship; singing and piano playing. Lighting candles our tradition; honouring our loved ones we know that have been touched by the ill-fated disease. In place of the usual sermon, we decided to act out a play: ‘The expressway to heaven’ which tells of different characters, all of whom have different hearts and journeys to heaven. However, the emotion of how much the service touched the congregation didn’t hit until we all sang Avalon’s ‘Testify to love’. It was hard hitting; emotional. It left a mark in our hearts; always to be remembered by the youth and the journey that we’ve all been through.

Mt Eden Epsom Youth -0

Mt Eden and Epsom Youth, Sunday 26th August, Cancer Awareness Sunday.

Mt Eden Epsom Youth -2

Candle lighting in remembrance of our loved ones whom we have lost to cancer. "Gone from our touch but never from our hearts”

Mt Eden Epsom Youth -3-sm

Lily Tualau (Mt Eden youth leader) playing the piano for Mt Eden’s youth item.


“You were born as an Original. Don’t die a copy”

Musical Night 2018

Theme: Wear the Crown

The cancer awareness service was followed up by the first combined annual music festival on the 1st September. Hosted and curated by the youth, the concert highlighted the many musical talents across our young people, from singing, to instrument playing and to spoken word. Guided by the theme ‘Wear the Crown’, we were encouraged to bring an item to the table that was representative of ourselves; of what we love to do; whether it’d be singing or even piano playing, ways that we can express ourselves in worshipping God. And we did just that. A month of combined rehearsals paid off into a night of success. The night opened up with the congregation on their feet; praising, clapping and singing along with us. It was uplifting and awesome. The love we felt from the audience just radiated through the air and encouraged us just that much more to do our best. We followed it up with our musical items; one by one we gave our best shot and we ourselves thoroughly enjoyed performing and supporting our fellow youth members in their turn to perform. The night ended on a high note; we gathered together to sing Nathaniel Bassey’s ‘Imela’, the presence of God emanate as we pushed through the last few notes of the song.

Both the events were not only to serve the congregation and worship God, but it brought us closer as a youth together. However, none of this could not be achieved without the help of our church and youth leaders who work front of stage and behind the scenes and for that we thank them for all the work they do for the youth; leading, organising and helping us prepare. The process of preparing for the night and the service strengthened and solidified the youth, in the hopes of more events like these, so that we can continue to grow and flourish as young people to hopefully leaders that will one day serve and contribute to the life of not only our own local congregations but also within the Auckland Central Parish and the Methodist Church of NZ as a whole. We would also like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to our church leaders within the Auckland Central Parish for allowing us the platform to ‘live’ and ‘grow’ as young people and young leaders, and we hope that this will be the beginning of something great for the young people of Auckland Central Parish in the future to come.

Mt Eden Epsom Youth Music -1-sm

The Noavea Siblings singing “I believe in the Hill called Mount Calvary”

 Mt Eden Epsom Youth Music -2

The Brass Boys and their brass item for the night

 Mt Eden Epsom Youth Music -3

The combine youth item singing “Every Praise”

 Mt Eden Epsom Youth Music -4

Fehi Noavea singing a solo item

Mt Eden Epsom Youth Music -6-sm