Venues for Hire (info)

Pitt Street Church Facilities

All rooms at Pitt Street have access to a kitchen and toilet facilities.  All rooms have chairs and tressle tables.
All areas of Pitt Street church and its grounds are an alcohol free zone.

Diffferent room hire rates apply depending on the organisation - commercial and charitable.


Main auditorium, suitable for music concerts.  For weddings, approval of presbyter, if not officiating at the ceremony will be required.
Seats approx 350
Organ, piano, heaters 

Sunday School Hall

Large room directly under the church auditorium, suitable for dance rehearsals and large functions such as luncheons.  Not suitable for choir rehearsals.  Not to be used at the same time as activities in the church above.
13.7m long x 14.5m wide
Wooden floor
Small stage
Four square columns in the "middle"
Large kitchen next door 


Large carpeted room, suitable for choir practices and meetings.
8.8m wide x 10.9m long
Approx 75 people
Piano, ceiling fans, heaters, whiteboard (?), powerpoints at chest height 

Fellowship Room

Small carpeted room, suitable for small meetings and choir practices.
Max 25 people
External fire exit

Theatre Pitt

Suitable for choir rehearsals, theatre rehearsals and productions.
12m wide x 9.9m long of seating space, seats approx 60 people
Stage: 3m plus .7m deep x 4m + 1.2m of wings on each side wide, stage curtains, lighting bar
26m2 of movable risers/extra platforming
Wooden floor
Uses kitchen and toilet facilities of the church
Low mezzanine area, useful to seat lighting technicians etc
Waiting area
External fire exits
Curtains at windows